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General travel conditions of the operator

Valid from: 01.11.2019

Dear travel guest,

Please note the following conditions and notices that regulate the contractual relationship between you and us and which you accept with your registration.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract

a) Travel registrations for UBB can be submitted verbally, by telephone, by email or by fax. The UBB travel contract shall be concluded together with the forms of the travel operator (travel registration and travel confirmation) including all agreements, ancillary agreements and specifications of the traveller. Upon contractual conclusion, the traveller shall receive the travel confirmation by email, fax, post or similar, which also serves as confirmation of the contract in accordance with Section 615d (3) Clause 2 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch – BGB). If both partners are present upon contractual conclusion or if the contract is concluded outside the business premises of the operator, the traveller shall be entitled to confirmation of the contract on paper.
b) The traveller is bound to the travel registration by post, fax, email etc. for seven days. Travel shall be confirmed by the operator during this period.
c) By telephone, the operator shall only carry out binding reservations; the traveller must be expressly informed about this. Accordingly, the travel contract pursuant to 1.1 shall be concluded.
d) Should the content of the travel confirmation deviate from the content of the catalogue and the travel registration, you have the right to cancel within 10 days of becoming aware of such deviations. If you do not exercise this option, the deviating content of the travel confirmation shall become binding for you and for us.
e) Bookings in electronic commerce are determined according to the explanations on our website and the travel conditions accessible there.
f) In the case of travel registrations via the UBB website, the traveller shall bindingly offer the operator the option to conclude the travel contract by pressing the confirmation button “zahlungspflichtig buchen” (“bindingly book”). Receipt of the customer’s booking/travel registration shall be promptly and electronically confirmed to the customer. However, this merely constitutes confirmation of receipt and not acceptance of travel. Acceptance shall be provided by way of a travel confirmation within three workdays.

2. Payment

a) Following conclusion of the travel contract, 20% of the travel price shall be paid. You shall receive the security note within the meaning of Section 651k BGB with the travel confirmation.
b) The remaining amount must be paid without solicitation by four weeks prior to commencement of travel.
c) Contractual conclusions within 21 days prior to commencement of travel oblige the traveller to settle payment of the entire travel price immediately on delivery of the complete travel documents and the security note within the meaning of Section 651k BGB.
d) The obligation to provide a security note does not apply if the travel package does not last longer than 24 hours, does not include an overnight stay and the travel price does not exceed 75 euros.
e) If the travel price is not fully paid by the commencement of travel, UBB may cancel the contract and request compensation.
3. Our services
a) Our contractual services are determined in accordance with the binding service description in the catalogue and the travel documents, in particular the travel registration and the travel confirmation.
b) We cannot accept any liability for the correctness of the information and descriptions in hotel brochures. Unless otherwise stated in the catalogue, admission fees are not included in the travel price.
c) Any ancillary agreements, special agreements or agreed special wishes of the traveller must be recorded in the travel registration and in particular in the travel confirmation.

4. Price changes

a) Four months after contractual conclusion, we may request price increases of up to 5% of the total price if prices of the service providers have demonstrably and unforeseeably increased after contractual conclusion for the calculation items permitted by law or if applicable exchange rate changes have occurred for the respective travel package.
b) A price increase may only be requested up to the 21st day prior to the agreed day of departure. We shall promptly communicate a permitted price change for an essential travel component to the traveller in writing upon becoming aware of the reason for the price increase.
c) In the event of price increases following contractual conclusion by more than 5% of the total price, the traveller may cancel free of charge or instead request participation in another travel package of at least equivalent value, if UBB is able to offer such a travel package from its offering without an additional price for the traveller.
d) The traveller must assert the rights according to Section 4. c) against the operator promptly following declaration by the operator.

5. Service changes

a) Any changes and deviations of individual travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which become necessary following contractual conclusion and which have not been intentionally caused by us, are only permitted insofar as the changes or deviations are not significant, they do not impair the overall arrangement for the booked travel package and they are in the interest of the traveller.
b) UBB must promptly inform the traveller of a permitted change to an essential travel service upon becoming aware of the reason for the change. In the event of a significant change to an essential travel service, the traveller may cancel the contract or instead request participation in another travel package of at least equivalent value, if UBB is able to offer such a travel package from its offering without an additional price for the traveller. The traveller must promptly assert their rights.

6. Cancellation by the customer, booking changes and substitute persons

a) You can cancel the travel package by written declaration at any time prior to commencement of travel. Your cancellation becomes effective on the day on which we receive it, if it concerns a workday until 5 pm. In the event of receipt of your cancellation on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the following workday (Monday to Friday) shall be deemed as the effective date of receipt. In this case, a reasonable compensation must be paid to us for the travel arrangements made and for our expenses. Our lump-sum claim to cancellation fees is as follows:
20% of the travel price up to 30 days prior to commencement of travel
40% of the travel price from 29 to 22 days prior to commencement of travel
50% of the travel price from 21 to 15 days prior to commencement of travel
70% of the travel price from 14 to 3 days prior to commencement of travel
90% of the travel price from 2 days to 1 day prior to commencement of travel
In the event of a no-show or cancellation on the day of departure, the cancellation costs for multiple-day trips shall be 100%.
For day trips up to 1 day before: 5 euros to the agency, for a no-show 100% of the travel price.
In the case of admission tickets, the costs of the full ticket price must be paid.
For air and maritime travel, the applicable cancellation fee of the service provider must be paid.
b) You can appoint a substitute person for you until the day of departure. We must be informed accordingly. However, we may object to the change of traveller if the third party does not meet the special requirements of the booked travel package or their participation is opposed by statutory provisions or official requirements – in particular also in the respective destination countries. In the event of an objection, the normal cancellation conditions apply.
c) For bus travel, UBB shall not charge a processing fee for booking changes. For air and maritime travel, the applicable fee of the service provider must be paid.

7. Cancellation and termination by UBB

a) Termination by UBB is possible if the minimum number of participants of 20 persons is not reached 30 days prior to commencement of travel (for day trips 2 days prior to commencement of travel). We shall promptly inform the traveller or the sales agency upon becoming aware of the insufficient number of participants. The travel payment made until then shall be repaid. No further claims exist.
b) Termination of the travel contract is possible for you and us if the realisation of the travel package is impaired, hampered or endangered such as by force majeure (war, internal unrest, epidemics, official orders, natural catastrophes, maritime disasters, destruction of accommodation or similar reasons). The effect on a travel package caused by force majeure shall exclude any liability on our part. We may request compensation for travel expenses in accordance with Section 651 BGB.
c) The operator may terminate the travel contract without giving a notice period if the traveller continues to cause significant disruption despite a warning, such that continued participation is no longer reasonable for the operator and/or the other travel participants. This also applies if the traveller does not comply with objectively justified instructions. In this case, the operator shall continue to be entitled to the travel price, insofar as saved expenses and advantages do not arise as a result of otherwise utilising the travel service(s). In other respects, claims for compensation remain unaffected.

8. Guarantee and remedy

a) If the travel services are not contractually compliant, the traveller may request remedy insofar as this does not require an unreasonable effort. The remedy shall concern the rectification of the travel defect or an equivalent substitute service.
b) Travel defects must be immediately reported to the travel tour guide or UBB and a reasonable period for remedy set. Should the traveller fail to report the defect, they shall not be entitled to any claims to a reduction of the travel price.
c) Without prejudice to reduction or termination, the traveller may request compensation for non-fulfilment unless the defect is due to a circumstance for which we as the operator are not responsible.

9. Unutilised services

In the event that you do not utilise individual travel services as a result of a premature return or for other important reasons, we shall endeavour to provide reimbursement of the expenses saved. This obligation shall lapse if it concerns completely insignificant services or if a reimbursement is not possible due to statutory or official regulations.

10. Liability

a) As the operator, we are liable within the context of the duties of care incumbent on a prudent businessperson for diligent travel preparations and the careful selection and monitoring of service providers, the correctness of the service description and the due performance of the contractually agreed travel services in consideration of the respective local and regional customs.
b) Furthermore, we are liable for carriage in our buses in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany.
c) In general, our liability is limited to the amount of three times the travel price including the paid travel price.
d) We are not liable for claims concerning the utilisation of external services included in the travel programme, which are merely procured and are marked as such in the travel offer (such as excursions, visits, tours, sports or cultural events). This also applies to claims concerning ferry crossings. No liability can be assumed for the loss, interchange or damage of travel luggage.
e) The traveller declares that they shall be responsible for the obligations of the travel participants they register vis-à-vis the operator or service provider as if they were their own.

11. Duty to cooperate on the part of the traveller

a) Every traveller is committed in accordance with statutory provisions to take all reasonable action in the event of any service disruptions, in order to contribute towards rectifying the disruption or keeping any damages as low as possible. Should you have a reason to complain, contrary to expectations, please contact our travel representative/bus driver or our contractual partner without delay. If they are unable to resolve the service disruption, complaints must be promptly reported to the service providers and us.
b) Claims due to non-fulfilment or non-contractually compliant fulfilment of travel services must be asserted against us in writing within one month of the contractually stipulated end of travel.

12. Passport, visa, foreign exchange, customs and health provisions

a) The traveller is responsible themselves for observing passport, visa, foreign exchange, customs and health provisions.
b) All disadvantages incurred as a result of non-compliance with the provisions shall be assumed by the traveller, even in the event that these provisions are changed after booking. Insofar as it is technically possible for us, we shall inform the customer of important changes prior to commencement of travel. In any case, every traveller must carry a valid travel document (personal ID, passport or children’s passport).

13. Data protection

a) Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH is responsible according to data protection provisions for the processing of the personal data of travellers for the purpose of contractual fulfilment pursuant to Art. 6 (1) 1b GDPR. The personal data of the travellers shall only be processed for the fulfilment and processing of the booking. Personal data shall not be shared with third parties for purposes other than contractual fulfilment without the consent of the traveller.
b) The data shall be deleted as soon as it is no longer required for the purpose of its processing, unless UBB is obliged to store such data for a longer period of time according to Art. 6 (1) c GDPR due to retention and documentation duties under tax or commercial law, or the traveller has provided their consent to further storage in accordance with Art. 6 (1) a GDPR.
c) Travellers may also contact Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH at any time with questions related to data protection by emailing: Extensive information and recommendations concerning data protection can be found in our privacy policy on our website at
d) Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, travellers provide their consent to UBB using their personal data, information, photos etc. for the fulfilment of its business purposes in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation according to Art. 6 (1) a GDPR until revocation. Revocation may be declared verbally or in writing.

14. General

a) All information in our prospectuses correspond to the status as at the time of printing. Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH reserves the right to correct mistakes as well as print and calculation errors. The same applies to unforeseen currency fluctuations and fuel price increases.
b) Verbal agreements are only effective if they have been confirmed by UBB in writing.
c) We reserve the right to make changes to the travel programme without impeding the service scope.

14. Jurisdiction

The place of performance and fulfilment is the registered address of the operator.

15. Operator

Usedomer Bäderbahn GmbH, Am Bahnhof 1, 17424 Seebad Heringsdorf
No guarantee is provided with respect to all information stated in this catalogue. All images and texts are exclusively approved for one-time use in this catalogue.